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Event Photography

We photograph events for organizers and media outlets using the same philosophy... capture the moments.

You see, there are three main reasons we take pictures.

1)  To tell the story of an event to those who weren't there.

2)  To enable those that were there to re-live the event, including moments they may have missed.

3)  To entice those that weren't there to attend in the future.  

Really, they are all the same, because our job is to tell others the story of what happened during the event.

Much like a wedding, those involved in events don't always remember all of what happens.  This is intensified if you're also taking pictures.  It's also difficult to photograph an event if you're part of it, which is why friends and business associates might not be the best choice to be primary photographer.

We feel it's important to have a photographer who has covered all kinds of events.  We have.  

After an event, we create a web gallery with the best photos, so you share the pictures using social media.

The creative fee for events is $300.00, and includes a web gallery where people can order prints (and download pictures if you so choose.)

Individuals and non-profit groups are eligible for a 50% discount on the creative fee, and receive a discount code for prints as well.

Included is a download code for the web size pictures in the gallery, that you can pass out at the event, and a data DVD with the full-size JPG files, usually sent via mail.  The full size files can be available for download for the first 30 days.  After that, we may need to replace the full size pictures with web size pictures, (The archive includes over 70 thousand pictures...) but we'll always have the full size files available for making prints in the future.

We can also take the entire set, or a select few, and make a book you can have on your shelves forever.

For more information, and reserve your date for 30 days, send us an email:, or give us a call at 937-867-3433.

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Reserve your Date:  
If you've already checked with us (or feel lucky we'll be available for your event,) clicking the "Add to Cart" button will create a 48.01 charge, to which the checkout process adds 1.99 (for shipping, because it's normally used for pictures,) which creates the $50.00 deposit needed to secure a date for your event.  (If using the "feel lucky" option, and we are already booked, it is refundable.)  Half of the balance will be due the day of the event, the remaining balance will be due when the picture gallery is created, or the video is ready to deliver.