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Wedding Photography and Video

We are photojournalists, and have covered events from presidential candidates to gala fundraisers, with both pictures and video.  

We can cover the bride and groom as they get ready, the ceremony and the reception.

So you can relive the fun and excitement of your special day, and share it with those who couldn't make it in person.

For pictures, a week or two after the wedding, you'll get a link to the web gallery and see all the pictures you'll have to choose from.

Sometimes we're asked how many pictures we take.  The truth is we don't count while we shoot.  We take pictures as they happen, and put them up for your review.   Sometimes we take 100 pictures at an event, sometimes 500, 800 or more.  (The longer the event, and the more involved the event, the more we take.)  Sometimes we take pictures in bursts (to prevent "oops, they blinked," or capture a range of emotions,) and several pictures will be almost exactly the same.

You can't predict how many photos you'll need, and neither can we.

Our wedding coverage is $499 for pictures, and $799 for video of the bride (or groom, or both if possible) getting ready, the service and reception.

Within a week, the photos will be in a web gallery (similar to those above) that you can use on your web pages, or link to from Facebook.  You'll also get a CD/ DVD you can use for prints, and a download code so you can get the pictures as soon as they're posted.  Of course, prints (and more) can also be ordered from the web gallery.  

Please keep in mind, we are true photojournalists, and have covered events that range from Hillary Clinton's visit to Dayton to concerts to the Wright State University ArtsGala and we don't have all the 'traditional' poses memorized.  However, we photograph family groups and wedding party groups all the time, so that's not a problem, and we'll work with you on poses you want (assuming there's time for that... one of the benefits of booking early.)

Our photos have been published in the Dayton Daily News (and their online web galleries) as well as magazines and newspapers around the world.

We are also available to be your 'second shooter' if you have already selected a primary wedding photographer or videographer.  We stay out of their way, and create our own photos.  Our creative fee to be a second shooter is $299, and you'll get web gallery and a download code, as well as the DVD

Video coverage of your wedding is thanks to our association with TMC Video Productions.  (They are in Columbus, and we help them as our schedule, and budget, allows, and they help us as their schedule allows.)

Take a look at our sample wedding videos.

Coverage with one operator using two video cameras is $799.  For two operators and three cameras, the fee is $1600.  Both include basic editing, so you end up with a a video you can watch like a TV show (without any commercials.)

If we're photographing the wedding, we can also shoot limited video for an additional $200.00, plus video editing.  (Note, not recommended unless it's your only way to get both, as neither can be done quite as well when doing both.)

Some events in our video archive, such as Twilight on the Greene and the 13th Annual Celebrity Concert for Charity were created this way, but we've not done a wedding this way.

If you already have video from your wedding and don't know what to do next, because your uncle Charlie had his camera, and handed you a disc with a bunch of files on it, basic editing costs $45.00 per hour, and ranges from 5 - 25 hours for a basic wedding video from footage shot by a single photographer (or video and stills that we've taken.)

Reserve a session:  
If you've already checked with us (or feel lucky we'll be available for your event,) clicking the "Add to Cart" button will create a 48.01 charge, to which the checkout process adds 1.99 (for shipping, because it's normally used for pictures,) which creates the $50.00 deposit needed to secure a date for your event.  (If using the "feel lucky" option, and we are already booked, it is refundable.)  Half of the balance will be due the day of the event, the remaining balance will be due when the picture gallery is created, or the video is ready to deliver.

Call us today at 937-867-3433 to reserve your special day! 

Or send us an email: