Holiday Garden Railroads Vol 1

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Holiday Garden Railroads V1

The Webster Street Market  
Garden Railroad in Downtown Dayton

A quick history of the Webster Street Market Railroad
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How the space began.  

Where did all this stuff come from?  

(Where it always comes from: a little here, a little there...)




Transferred the stuff to the basement & began placing tables.





Finished placing tables and laid out the first track segments




Put the liner under the track, connected mainline track, ran an engine!  Added a 4th track.




Landscaping is days away, but when a train's a movin', the eyes are a watchin'!  

Talked to HobbyTown USA about which trains to order.  

Behind the scenes, engineers connected track 2 and part of track 3, and gathered some rocks. 




More people enjoy the trains, while the engineers finish connecting track 3 and talked to lots of folks.  

Mendelson's brought over a TV, and, oh yes, we gathered more rocks.



Another shot from Saturday, since the Market is closed on Monday

(Yes, that really is a giant slot machine!)

Everybody loves to watch a train!

The engineers went to Stutzman's Nursery to get dirt, and gathered more rocks!




Gary Stutzman brought over the ballast we'll use, 

and our crew placed more of the scenic rocks, 

and brought in the dirt (potting soil) we got at Stutzman's yesterday.

Oh, and we gathered MORE rocks. 

(But not near enough, as we ran out before the end of the day.)




Put ballast under most of the right of way,

started filling in some of the dirt,

and placed all of the scenic rocks we gathered today.

Went out to talk to more potential sponsors!




Teraforming continues (which means we moved a lot of dirt and rocks into place)

and we placed all the scenic rocks we gathered again.

Began raising the mainline track a bit, planted some sedum and talked to more folks.




Finished raising the mainline track, and brought in the track crew to level it and track 2

(a point to point system that has a giant loop in it.)

Talked to more potential sponsors and customers at the Market, and gathered more rocks for the canyon.  

We're about ready for more plants.  Liberty Savings Bank is our newest sponsor!  Your company could be next.  




Another Saturday, so lots of people having fun watching trains.  We also had the Ohio State game on the TV instead of the Holiday Garden Railroads Vol 1, which made a lot of people happy (especially since they won!)  The elevated loop was in operation, and the mainline worked great.  The "Paul Baby" engine was flawless and pulled the Bachmann cars (which will go with the B&O Royal Blue [steam engine] set from HobbyTown USA.) The name comes from the fact that we got it from Paul Busse, and used the nickname for Paul Dixon, who used to have a VERY popular morning TV show on in the Midwest.   And, we gathered more rocks.




We continued to move rocks around, and brought in the live plants from Stutzman's Nursery which makes it look better.  We also did more testing on track 3, and things are looking good.  We've been asked what a car logo looks like.  Here's an example of one sponsor whose info is being tested for size.  Hmmm.  Still looks a little small to me.  We also talked to more potential sponsors, and worked on the brochure to be available.  I think we have enough rocks for a while!




Wow, only one more construction day before the grand opening of the railroad.  Today we placed some buildings (thanks, Karen!)  We also added some more space for dirt, and planted more plants in the ground.  Track 3 is now under computer control, but the New Bright cars are a bit too light to go through the switch correctly, so may be moved to the back track, and have the trolley on track 3.  




Ready or not, here come the people!  Next stop is the biggest shopping day of the year, and we're going to be doing our best to put on a good show for everyone!  Wow, IT SNOWED IN HERE!  Well, almost.  We didn't want it to get cold enough for real snow, so...  The effect is pretty nice.  Before the snow, we also added some more buildings (thanks Marti & Rick!)  Now, what to do with all this extra stuff.  Hey, there's room under the tables...




Well, we were mostly ready, and the people did come, and they enjoyed.

Thanks to all our sponsors, whose billboards went up today, for their support.

We're also adding a new sponsor, Office Depot, who printed our brochures. 




A Saturday crowd enjoyed the railroad today, 

though a tad further away after the addition of a 2 foot fence in front 

to keep prying fingers away from the trains.




Before and after the Dayton Children's Parade, 

we had little folks and big folks enjoying the trains.  

The engineer was able to talk to some, but had some lights to get ready on the Santa car, 

and the holiday caboose for next weekend.




The Market is Closed till Thursday, 

so here's a reminder that Saturdays through 

Christmas you can get your picture taken with Santa!




An overview of the railroad.




You never know what you'll find in our vendors booths.  

We search the planet looking for deals.

And, you never know what you'll see outside!





You can see the CSX/NS mainline while watching our trains!

You'll get a better view in person, though!




We made sure our flag was flying today - the 51st anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  

We had a big crowd, but the photographer wasn't able to stick around long enough to see them.



We're open on Sunday's now, and David and son John enjoy the view with other visitors.  

The Market's hours are 11-4 Thursday through Sunday. (8-4 on Saturday!)

It was fun while it lasted, and a lot of work to maintain.

(I remember the 30 minute watering sessions either before work, 
or during lunch to keep the plants and flowers alive.)  

However, the market eventually closed as the space was 
made available for the banquet business upstairs to expand.


























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